Ideas for maximising the reach of your blog post

Ideas for maximising the reach of your blog post

So you wrote a blog article? You posted it to Facebook and then you went off and started writing the next article… hoping to joyfully fill your wordpress blog with loads of great information that people will be falling over themselves to read?

Then crickets.. you look at your Google Analytics and that post received 10 clicks.. you pray that someone actually read it.

You post the next one, you repeat the process and eventually you end up with a whole library of articles that have each had 10 clicks each.

I’m writing this article because this is what I see happening in most businesses. Each blog post having a shelf life of a couple of weeks at best.

What if you could give that blog post a shelf life of many years?! What if you could continually drive new traffic to the same post and still keep it fresh and shiny in your audience’s eyes?

Hopefully after you read the following tips, you will be inspired to breathe new life into your old posts and use the idea of ‘repurposing’ content to find new and exciting ways to create many pieces of content from the original and spread the word further over a longer timespan!


1: Create the blog post in WordPress as you would normally using text, images and video if this is applicable


2: Schedule the blog post out organically to FB using the link to the blog article
3: If there is a video involved get the video subtitled for FB .. ( I use for this) upload on its own to your page.
4: Create 4 (or as many as you like) hooks for this post, using different questions or excerpts from the article (find 4 unique images to go with these hooks). Schedule out at intervals to your Facebook page with a link to the original article. You might want to do this at monthly intervals, 6 monthly or whatever works for you.
5: Share your article into Facebook groups under the appropriate theme days


6: Upload the video separately to Youtube


7: Add the article to your google+ profile
8: Add this article to your Google My Business profile
9: Submit URL to Google Search Console


10: Post the article to your LinkedIn profile


11: SEO the article using Yoast (or SEO plugin of choice) and specific tags & keywords related to the topic 
12: Submit article URL to Google Search Console


13: Add your Blog link to your Bio (I use LinkTree to do this)
14: Use all points 2 and 4 for Instagram too!


15: Share your post to Pinterest using an image thats appropriate or create a cool infographic to demonstrate the content


Just imagine that your audience is growing all the time, and you are doing them a dis-service by keeping your old (and new) articles a secret from them. Many of those article you debuted months or even years ago are still just as awesome today, so give them the attention they deserve. Help new audiences uncover the treasure trove of ideas buried in your archives and point the light in different directions to your old audiences to help them see how the article relates to them.

Repurpose, Update and re-post them. Write some new hooks.Change the pictures around. Even set up a throwback sequence once your library is in full swing. Thinking outside the box when it comes to distributing and recycling content is a lot easier than continually coming up with new and fresh content.

AND when you do write a new article…..whatever you do, don’t let them disappear into obscurity!

Enjoy 🙂

Are You Killing Your Facebook Engagement?

Are You Killing Your Facebook Engagement?

Are you running a Facebook Business Page? Do you feel as though your Facebook engagement (reach) is dismal at best? We all know that Facebook keeps changing the rules on us and it is hard to keep up!

Whilst some of the struggle is because of the algorithm that is used to place posts in newsfeed, the truth is that you might be doing it ALL WRONG!

Chances are you are doing at least one of these things and being penalised by the Facebook algorithms and killing your Facebook Business Page (FAN Page).

Here are 5 things you should take into consideration if you want to increase your page ranking overall. 


There is a common assumption that the more often you post stuff on your Facebook Fan Page, the more you will be seen on Facebook. This is not always true… If you are posting frequently to your Facebook Business Page, there is probably a good chance that you are not posting high quality content.

If this is not true then skip this point and go straight to the next one. BUT Facebook ranks its pages using ‘post engagement’ as a determining factor in what is deemed relevant to show in the newsfeed of your followers. So if you are posting often, and you have low engagement on your posts then you will be penalised.

HOT TIP: “It is better to post dynamic content, less frequently and get more engagement that to post low quality content on a regular basis that has a low-engagement factor.”


The way that Facebook algorithms work, is that they give ‘points’ to pages when they receive feedback from a particular fan (in the form of a ‘like’ ‘comment’ ‘tag’ or a ‘share’). So if someone interacts with a page, they will see more posts from that page. However if a fan rarely interacts with your posts, then you will almost disappear from their feed. Even if your fan is enjoying your posts, unless they are engaging with you, your posts will not always be seen by them. 

HOT TIP: “It is better to post engaging content, with call to actions to your audience to entice them to interact with your page.”


Low overall interaction from Fans of a page is a big RED FLAG to Facebook that will lower your overall page ranking.

Many people are of the assumption that having lots of fans on a page will automatically increase their reach. This is only the case if you have a high percentage of passionate followers that give you lots of engagement.

The key to having a good ‘page rank’ is to build your audience full of people who are genuinely interested in your business.

HOT TIP: “It is better to have loyal following of 100 people who interact with your page regularly than to have 2000 fake fans who ignore you.”


Because users can easily “hide” your posts, or “report story or spam” by clicking on the arrow next to a page post, posts seen as pure marketing spam (i.e. “Buy our products.”) are easily reported as such. Once reported, Facebook, much like Google, pushes the down the ranking of pages deemed “spammy.”

HOT TIP: “It is not going to benefit you to SPAM your audience. Your customers will eventually tune out to your posts.”


Don’t cross-post YouTube videos – Upload video files directly to Facebook. You will probably notice around ten times as much organic reach as posting YouTube video links, because the theory is that Facebook is actively trying to become known as a video site. Post natively – as in, native to Facebook, the platform bumps posts scheduled through the native facebook scheduler. It is best to schedule posts directly on facebook, and this will help your organic reach. Sometimes this will mean a little bit of double handling but it will be worth it when your audience gets to see more of your posts.

HOT TIP: “Facebook will reward you for posting and scheduling from within the platform. Do as much as possible in Facebook.”

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